Hero Creation

Char. creation: 20 point buy. You can create a custom race. It has to be approved by me. And you have to keep it to 20 RP keep it to fey/humanoid might consider monstrous.

The Kingmaker Player’s Guide is a mandatory (cursory) read. It’s free to download at Paizo’s site.

Two traits are chosen at first level. Most characters should have a campaign trait from the Kingmaker Player’s Guide, unless a character is a foreigner or has a special reason not to. These campaign traits are meant to inspire you about why your character would get involved in this assignment.

Characters may include in their background an affiliation with one of the associations of Brevoy or elsewhere in Golarion (such as the Pathfinder Society). It must be explained in the background. Note that your character may not have earned the credentials to start as a full member of that association (ex: the Aldori Swordlords), but it could be a goal for your character.

Since we’ll be playing this Adventure Path for quite a while, I would like at least a short (if writing backgrounds is not your thing) introduction about your character posted on the boards here. Mood pieces (portraits, images, videos, stories) are cool too and should be posted on the background & stories board.

Hero Creation

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