Tattoo Magic

Tattoo magic is employed by the aspect church of Calistria. It expresses the obedience to its teachings while at the same time benefitting the worshiper.

Any spell-casting priest of Calistria can craft magical tattoos, given the proper training.

Inscribe Magical Tattoo (Item Creation)
You can craft magical tattoos. Prerequisites: Craft (calligraphy, paintings, or tattoos) 5 ranks, caster level 5th.

Benefit: You can create magical tattoos, magic items inked directly into the flesh of a willing or helpless creature. Both you and the recipient of the tattoo (if the recipient is not yourself) must be present during the entire tattooing process. Magic tattoos must first be placed on a part of the body they can fully encircle (i.e. basically arms, legs, neck, waist – technically it could be anywhere, but the symbolism of being bound in these players makes the tattoos stronger in the eyes of aspect Calistria’s clergy).

Each of these slots can only hold one magical tattoo, or a number of “line” tattoos (nonmagical tattoos do not count against this limit). A line of tattoos typically is an extension of the first tattoo in the slot, extending or enhancing its power.

Magical tattoos are difficult to destroy, though they count as magic items for the purposes of dispel magic. The spell erase can permanently destroy a magical tattoo, but the bearer of the tattoo can resist the spell with a Will save, in addition to the caster needing to make a successful caster level check to erase the tattoo. Physically removing a magical tattoo with a sharp instrument or defacing it with fire or acid can destroy it as well. Doing so is a full-round action that not only requires the target to be willing or helpless, but also provokes attacks of opportunity. At least 2 points of damage per caster level of the tattoo must be dealt to destroy a magical tattoo in this manner.

Magical tattoos follow the rules for magic item creation as though they were wondrous items, except that they can use the Craft (calligraphy, paintings, tattoos) skill. New magical tattoos can be researched and designed using the guidelines for pricing new magic items. Magical tattoos are treated as slotless magical items for pricing purposes.

Tattoo Magic

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