Kingmaker Pathfinder FG

Omnius, listen and remember.
Dearest Omnius, why do you flutter about nervously. This will be between us, dearest crystalline- Does your soul scream for mercy? It matters little. Remember this! We are succeeding. Though nothing exactly has gone to short term planning. The thousand strands of fate and possible paths expand out before me. The day started out like many others- The mayor whose thoughts were guarded carefully, but his weak minded adviser paved the way for my acquisition into this foray into the South. I don’t know what other parties might have been sent before us, but the group I happened to place myself into was a varied group. Subject one- Tyget, The androgynous individual. It reminds me of a Doppelganger, able to confuse by misdirection. I would love to explore the folds of its mind, dissect its anatomy. I will refrain from such actions though – It serves greater, higher purpose for being here. Once I can determine this, I will be able to better use it.

The next great mystery is the Drow. He is an enjoyable fellow, much like his kind. His folds and mind a delicacy in the rot of intellectualism and wisdom. I shall better enjoy this dangerous friend- He serves the greatest purpose and greatest source of potential power. Infinite is my patience to see this man grow into a valued asset, and I believe with the right amount of pressure, this darkling may prove yet a long term boon. His magic incantations seem pried towards the conjuration school of Arcana, and his snake-familiar screams and thrashes as you- Omnius. Darkness in that mind, or something else perhaps? I will choose to investigate this later.
Of the journey, which you should well remember, from the folds of my pack and the dark rumblings of the road we set out from the Human cesspit, granted mercy of the mayoral decree and given rights for this far off realm, inhabited by ‘horrors’ and bandits. Accepting such a task with the veneer of a saint, and disposition of a kitten, I had obtained those said documents, and had met with the group assignment at the gates of the city. Those guards, idiots and incompetent fools in charge of the defense of this … town- met with us and soon directed our journey down the road. It is here which I had the most pleasure of learning about my companions. The way they walk, heavy footing and with unique paths the both of them. It took us to the fortress by the name of Oleg’s trade post. His weak will and shallow heart annoyed me, but as the master of the keep he serves as an important first contact to this strange realm. Upon learning about bandits we moved into action-
This may have been the most fortuitous meeting with a brigand I’ve ever imagined to have- Though I will continue to speak more about this as this meeting unfolds.

Tyget Adventure Log 10/19/13

Oh Goddess!

What mess am I in? At first I thought it was a great idea to go to
Rostov to escape anyone who might be after me. The Rostlanders don’t
like the Issians after all.

When I heard about the charters to send groups to the Stolen Lands I was
excited. There surely I could find protection with valiant heroes. But
those groups were already at capacity and I got assigned to the …
other one. My new compatriots give me shivers. A drow! I had never seen
one, and here the epitome of evil, one of those scary story bogeymen is
riding in my group.

Ithril doesn’t seem to be of a much better sort and I see an evil streak
in him. Don’t you think, Goddess, that I don’t see what you are doing
here! I am not ready yet!

When we arrived at Oleg’s trading post we learned that he was living
there alone with his quite attractive wife. Alone. What a fool. I
promised to keep my hands off her. If she proves to be a worthy disciple
that is going to be a very intriguing challenge. He may be gruff, but
we’ll see what is the matter about him.

The bandits were a disappointment. Oleg is no hero, even I could see
that. That makes him easy pickings. The bandits were not match for us,
but we wanted to take them alive. Things didn’t work out at all like I
intended. We do have their leader in some sort of mind control by that
scary Ithril, but three of the bandits were allowed to return to their
camp. I fear that will come back to hurt us.

Now we will have to see what the bandit’s leader will have to say. Maybe
we can turn around these bandits to help us to achieve our goals in
return for some sort of pardon. Or they will meet their deserved ends
after all.

The Journal Of Lord N'a'shezbaernon (self proclaimed of course) 19.10.2013

And here it is the reward for putting up with those Surtova commoners a place on one of the teams sent to explore and tame the Greenbelt. If everything goes according to my plans I may have the resources necessary to complete the ritual sooner than expected but better not to dwell on this somewhere where it might be discovered. So our glorious troupe is not as glorious as I imagined thanks the Corpse for that. No paladin or other sanctimonious pricks, well that pretty boy/girl/thing Tyget is a bit goody-two-shoes but he may yet be reconditioned. He smells of secrets or so Sithiss whispers.

My other companion is far more dangerous to my long term plans. We agree and that’s what bothers me and he seems slimy, his stories of home are strange I don’t know what he is but he doesn’t have the stench of a faerie for sure unless one of those rumored sea elves but I’ve never heard much about them. He warrants further study and a way to block his magic? doubt it, magic doesn’t interfere with the mind so directly and I’ve seen no components, and even sorcerers use them from time to time which leaves only psionics. He may prove to be a great “Trusted Friend” and an asset but also a potential enemy. The journey was fairly uneventful and the trading post proved amusing, our plans nearly went to hell but we managed to pull through. I’ve no love for that human Oleg and his wife Sveltana or something else, human names are so bland, but Ithril plays a dangerous game when it comes to allying with the bandits he seems to forget that subjects of “persuasive” powers tend to figure these things out and he let 3 of those younglings escape. I approve of making bandits our lawful tax collectors but we were to careless and now that fool’s, what was his name ah doesn’t matter, boss may come around with some “friends”. Unless she is particularly intelligent she’ll react with fury and a bloody counterattack will follow.And after all what if that Restov mayor sends some help our way? It would be possible for them to send someone to the trading post to make sure that we’re fulfilling our duty correctly. As a side note I think Oleg may be warming up to me he even gave me some armor for protection after just a second of prodding.

Unfortunately we are a bit shorthanded if the alliance with the bandits doesn’t work out we’ll have a problem on our hands. I need someone simple but yet strong-willed enough to resist Ithril’s prodding as a pawn perhaps that bandit Sithis wounded may after a bit of reforging prove a sufficient dagger for now? With enough tempering he may grow strong or break. Well if he breaks Sithiss will have a new toy.

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