Kingmaker Pathfinder FG

Tyget Adventure Log 10/19/13

Oh Goddess!

What mess am I in? At first I thought it was a great idea to go to
Rostov to escape anyone who might be after me. The Rostlanders don’t
like the Issians after all.

When I heard about the charters to send groups to the Stolen Lands I was
excited. There surely I could find protection with valiant heroes. But
those groups were already at capacity and I got assigned to the …
other one. My new compatriots give me shivers. A drow! I had never seen
one, and here the epitome of evil, one of those scary story bogeymen is
riding in my group.

Ithril doesn’t seem to be of a much better sort and I see an evil streak
in him. Don’t you think, Goddess, that I don’t see what you are doing
here! I am not ready yet!

When we arrived at Oleg’s trading post we learned that he was living
there alone with his quite attractive wife. Alone. What a fool. I
promised to keep my hands off her. If she proves to be a worthy disciple
that is going to be a very intriguing challenge. He may be gruff, but
we’ll see what is the matter about him.

The bandits were a disappointment. Oleg is no hero, even I could see
that. That makes him easy pickings. The bandits were not match for us,
but we wanted to take them alive. Things didn’t work out at all like I
intended. We do have their leader in some sort of mind control by that
scary Ithril, but three of the bandits were allowed to return to their
camp. I fear that will come back to hurt us.

Now we will have to see what the bandit’s leader will have to say. Maybe
we can turn around these bandits to help us to achieve our goals in
return for some sort of pardon. Or they will meet their deserved ends
after all.



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