Kingmaker Pathfinder FG

The Journal of Lord N'a'shezbaernon Pt. 5

Of priests who will be horribly mutilated

This is getting complicated, there apparently is a goody two-shoes priest here who wants to be the one controlling Oleg, he has him wrapped around his finger but alas I managed to convince Oleg that i mean him no harm. I had to cut my loses with Kressle quite literary courtesy of Pravus. Ithril is another matter. I suspect that the priest may have sensed some of his more subtle manipulations. After getting manhandled he went off screaming about complaining to the lords of Restov and the church of the priest. I’m rather perplexed that he didn’t stay, the position of a prisoner may have given him the chance to “befriend” the guards but no matter. Since the priest is a major obstacle I’ll have to eliminate him somehow, discretion is preferable. Perhaps after I butter Oleg up sufficiently “finding” some “evidence” that the priest works for the Stag Lord and was so bent on having Kressle killed to protect himself may be the best course of action. I’d need some samples of his writing, and since neither I nor Oleg know how the Stag Lord writes I can get creative with that. Sithiss should be able to get me some. The newly arrived warriors appear to obey Oleg but their leader may be prone to persuasion, every man has his vices, secrets, anything to exploit. I’ll have to investigate him. As a last resort we may be forced to play both sides, by temporarily aligning with the Stag Lord and telling him that Oleg is organizing an expedition to kill him then finishing the stag Lord after Oleg and the priest are eternally silenced. The root of the problem Kalidar will be back soon, I’m debating organizing a “pleasant” surprise on his way here, but I would need more information about where he went other than the general to consult with his church. Alternatively I could procure some poison and discretely take care of the priests using it but it would be to obvious. The Priest did mention that he was here for something and since he appears to be fond of Pravus I’ll ask him to look into it. Either way I’ll see that priest dead, by the paws of wild animals, flavour of poison or by the all reaching hand of “justice”.



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