Kingmaker Pathfinder FG

The Journal of Lord N'a'shezbaernon Pt. 4

Ahh the thing I love the most about my pet is his resourcefulness, as I sent him to stealthily infiltrate the bandits’ lair he stumbled, fumbled and made quite the ruckus. The bandit lookouts mistook him for a normal snake and wanted t sate their hunger with him. Of course it ended in a beautiful spectacle as Sithiss danced around their blows and sank his fangs into their throats. Such a shame that it ended so soon but afterwards as the incompetent watchmen summoned reinforcements we had to fight the whole camp, apart from an incident with Pravus, and the comical sight of Happs being whipped like a naughty slave by this Kressle woman it went without a hitch. We took Kressle alive and again my silver tongue paid off buying her loyalty, for now at least but if she even thinks about betraying us, well Sithiss had some creative ideas about how to punish her, my.. my.. his mind is even more twisted than my own perhaps a side effect of all those binding spells?.. We were assisted in clearing the bandits out by someone calling himself the envoy of the throne, the throne of Restov I daresay as the Surtova would have contacted me if they wanted to have something done around here.. at least I hope so after all we do have a history as business associates. I’ll have to investigate this envoy. Pravus’ problem is intriguing the demon Bhetruc seems to want to use him as a mobile gate onto this realm, I’ll have to acquire some books I do hope that Oleg will be capable of getting them for me. After all he should have some contacts running a trading post and whatnot. Anyways he tried to threaten me into freeing him for mere promises pah I told him that if he tells me his true name I’ll have no qualms about freeing him in exchange for his servitude until I die, I tried to appeal to him that mere centuries of servitude pale in comparison to millennia of slaughter and chaos on the material plane but he didn’t appreciate the offer, well I was lying anyway, I do not plan on dying neither in a few centuries nor ever. Well I will have to study Pravus’ blood as the beast let it slip that perhaps something in it had something to do with the possession…. Perhaps a common ancestor? … need to investigate it’s a possible lead to his name. On another note Ilthril finally got his swim. We found out that a Stag Lord rules these bandits pheh Stag Lord well he shall be replaced or bow before me… us. On another note why in the nine circles of hell did those bandits think that a large, FEATHERED serpent is a normal snake. The brightness of these simpletons is nearly as blinding as the light of the sun.


I am really liking these logs. Great job man.


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