Kingmaker Pathfinder FG

The Journal of Lord N'a'shezbaernon Pt. 3

Ahh, it’s good to see that my silver tongue has not dulled a single bit. The bandit was quite open to conversation, he even wanted to join us fr the right price, but he was too weak and not influential enough for what I’m planning. I got some Information about the leader of the bandits a woman called Kressle it gave me enough information to formulate a possibly viable strategy to divide the bandits a bit, but about that later on. My companion Pravus was happy to dispose of the weakling after we got what we wanted from him, the aasimar however threw a fit and departed, it shouldn’t be a problem after all we can “find” evidence of him helping the bandits to offset anything he might have said to Oleg about us. Well all he could have said was that we killed a bandit after using him something Oleg would surely love to hear. The Sarenraeite’s exodus also uncovered another possible pawn in this game called life. Pravus is searching for a cure for an affliction of possibly planar and surely mental origins something I may use and who knows perhaps this " Bhetruc" would make him more resistant to mental infiltration and as long as I’m researching a cure for him he’ll surely be more than happy to help me advance my plans. Again I doubt that Ithril will betray me or that it will be profitable for me to betray our resident mind-bender but one must plan for all possibilities when playing a game of Savva (looking for Golarion version of this game and for the golarion undercommon translator until I find them I’m using some FR names, they will be changed to Golarion ones once i find them). We’ll be dealing with the bandits’ camp soon and as I said before I may have a plan for it.



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