Kingmaker Pathfinder FG

The Journal of Lord N'a'shezbaernon Pt. 2

After capturing the prisoner at Oleg’s Trading Post something unexpected has occurred, we received reinforcements. I shall enjoy the new companionship after all the more pieces there are on the board the more engaging this game called life is.

One of them appears to be a paladin ,of planar blood no less, an aasimar. He is an interesting fellow, I think that his focus on redemption stems from a secret of the kind which I like the most. It will leave me in a good bargaining position should I discover it.

The other seems to harbor some manner of mental illness. I’ll need to research it more, perhaps I along with Ithril will approach him with a “cure”. It of course will conveniently make him our pawn. Speaking abut my “trusted” friend, he seemed absent today, I still need to figure out some precautions against his abilities.

I had a “wonderful” conversation with our resident follower of Sarenrae, I asked him about his goddess touching upon the subject of redemption specifically, I think I managed to instill the thought that I’m considering finding a faith to follow. That of course isn’t true, thanks to the Corpse the divine beings interest me in a wholly different way. Speaking of that my project is continuing on nicely, small but sure steps will bring me closer to the realization of my dreams, this party, this task they are but means to my end, my destined end.

We managed to capture another bandit, that’s perfect. I’m preparing Sithiss for our session as I’m writing this, I hope that I still remember what mother taught me. Speaking of my little friend he is indeed slipping free but his well groomed mind seems to see ME as his god. How ironic……..



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