Kingmaker Pathfinder FG

Pravus' log

Dear Bhetruc,
things are progressing. The bandit’s trail hasn’t been difficult to follow, he’s bleeding from the neck and leg so the trail is more than clear whenever he rests at a tree or brushes a shrub.
However, as you know, I’m one who prefer his sleep. During the night, two grizzly discovered us. Not having time to don my armour, the ‘Wound’ opened again (I trust that was your doing?) and I found myself charging headlong towards an animal larger and stronger than myself whilst wearing no protection. I was fortunate and the creature stood little chance against my blade. However, the second bear, presumably the firsts mate, suddenly came barrelling out of the trees and attempted to claw me open. Thank the heavens for Kalidar, he may be an irritating preacher at times, but his powers of healing are undeniably useful. He saved my life.
Between Kalidar’s weapon, my sword and Ithis’ powers (it almost seemed the animal’s brain liquefied with the amount of blood that poured from its nose and ears), the beast’s guts were spilled, the final blow being mine.

The following morning and I was still rather tired but the others were insistent that we resume the pursuit. As the day progressed into the afternoon, the sound of baying pigs came screeching through the trees, up the path. It grated at my ears, almost sounding to resemble the intense itch that rises behind my eyes when you insist on “another chat” and won’t shut up. Four men and two pigs came barrelling towards us down the path. At first, I thought the men might be hunting the swine, but it seemed they were closer to hunting companions. Why anyone would choose pigs over dogs for that is beyond my understanding. While I hold no love of bandits, I have to hand it to them, they can be fine shots. When Tyget cast that bubble of darkness around us, the archer’s eye was so fine that when he loosed his arrow, it flew true into Ithis’ stomach, incapacitating him. He was obviously close to death.
Sithiss and I charged the group and while that strange, enormous serpent failed to sink it’s teeth into flesh, I slew one of the pigs and only sustained minor wounds. The other pig clearly went against its training and fled into the trees, an intelligent move.
Sithiss’ master, Xarkses, supported us with his crossbow. I’m getting to like that elf more and more. As bolts flew, Tyget healed my wounds once more and engaged the bandits. While the man is a fine physician, he is a only a mediocre warrior. However, it was of little consequence as you know. I’ll give this to you, Bhetruc, you know when you’re needed. The ‘Wound’ bled forth and my sword cleaved through bandit limbs with delicious efficiency.

With the final bandit standing amidst the remnant of his compatriots, Xarkses shouted out to take the man alive. A tricky manoeuvre but one that wasn’t too difficult. I tempted the man to swing, sidestepped, around the blow and jabbed the pommel of my sword hard into his forehead. The crunch was incredibly satisfying and the bandit collapsed into a pool of his friend’s blood.
I still can’t believe that I was the only one who had a coil of rope to tie the man up. Sometimes, I feel like these men understand little of consequence. I doubt any of them even have a crowbar on them.



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