Kingmaker Pathfinder FG

Kalidar November 30th Adventure Log

Today I finally caught up with the rest of the group sent by the swordlords to begin reclaiming the stolen lands. I met up with them at Oleg’s outpost where it seems they had arrived a bit before me. Apparently they had taken a prisoner and were in the process of torturing/interrogating him. I am afraid I have my work cut out for me with this group, they are a lawless band of miscreants who fail to see the glory of the Dawnflower. I am yet confident I can bring them into the fold, given time and amble opportunity.

It is a strange mix of individuals we have gathered for this task. We have a sword wielding human who fights more like a wild beast, perhaps an angry badger would best describe him. In addition we have a drow of all things who is accompanied by a strange snake creature. We also have a strange fellow who I’m not really sure what he does. Perhaps he is a wizard of some type, time will tell. Lastly we have a lady who wields the power of her god, though I am yet to discern which god/goddess that may be.

The wolverin with a sword in our group seems to be good at tracking and we relied on him to follow the path the bandits took. We had traveled a while when we came upon a small group of kobolds, apparently sick from eating some very large and very strange vegetables. The group beset upon them with hatred and killed them all, though I do not yet understand why they felt the need to do so. Poor creatures never stood a chance.

We finished our days travel with little incident and made camp in a small clearing. It was during my watch that I was attacked by a large grizzly bear who wounded me greatly. Calling upon the glory of the Dawnflower I was able to mend my wounds and stand toe to toe with the beast.



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