Kingmaker Pathfinder FG

Kalidar December 28th Adventure Log

We were able to finish off the grizzly bear after a painful battle only to be best upon by another one! This poor creature did not fare as well as the last and was slain rather quickly, only managing to damage the wolverine-with-a-sword moderately before dieing. We finished off our nights rest before heading out in the morning.

We traveled some bit without incident but as we were traveling through woods we heard, what appeared to be, some pigs in the area. We waited to see what would come of it and were attacked by a pair of boars and 4 bandits. One of the boars just wandered off right as we started the fight, though I suspect the strange wizard person may have had a hand in that, though I cannot confirm it. Our badger-with-a-sword managed to deal a massive amount of destruction to the rest, with others in the group adding small bits of damage themselves. As always, I stood in the vanguard and took the majority of the punishment, deflecting many blows and only being moderately injured once. The Dawnflower always protects me.

We offered these poor saps a chance to surrender, to see the light and repent their sins but they refused and thus we brought them to an end. We did manage to take one prisoner and are going to see if we can get some information from him on the bandit camp.



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